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FIC: If It's The Last Thing I Do

Title: If It's The Last Thing I Do (Well, It's True That We Love Each Other ...)
Chapter: 7&7A/? ["Family Portrait"]
Author: Pooki Ze Great
Fandom: Harry Potter - Marauders Era
Summary: Chapter 7 Summary: "'You know the drill.' Sirius nodded, face set." | Chapter 7A Summary: "June 29th - Shit. ~JA"Full Summary: This is my version of how Lily and James got together. [From the humble beginnings of Jamie bullying Lil, to Lily's short time spent in The Canadian Institution Of Witchcraft, Wizardry, and The Arts, to her moving back to the UK to attend Hogwarts (le fateful reunion), and all through memories, hate, resentment, fear, crushes, and finally love (awww), this is gonna be a damned long story and a damned good one so ya better read it!!!]
Warnings: This chapter has the following happy, funtime warnings- Mild violence, unfairness to a loved Canon character, and Petunia torture. But I don't think anyone has a trouble with Petunia torture.
Archiving: Ask first (already on and my LiveJournal [pookizegreat])
Disclaimer: Any and all things and people you recognise in this fic belong to JK Rowling [author of the Harry Potter series] or some other person. I am only responsible for the original characters in this fic. I am making no profit from writing this fanfiction, I am only having fun.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): No pairings in this chapter.
Feedback: Yes please. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is welcome. FLAMES will be laughed at and used to light my mother's cancer sticks.
Previous Chapters: Introduction
Chapter 1
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Category: Romance/Humor, with some angst thrown in
A/N: No real A/Ns for today. Hey lookit me! I took like barely over a week to write this chapter! True that I took two days to actually type it up after, but ... *cough* NOTE: Not all of these reviews are for 'If It's The Last Thing I Do'. I just use THIS fic's A/N to thank all the reviewers, whether they reviewed this fic or not. Savvy? Great. xosydluvsuxo, theatrically, blackmagickbaby, nuklear_firefly, nuklear_firefly, TOVE (repeatedly), honerlovesfrank, meltedcrayon, ghostwalker PS: Thesauruses are my friend. ^^*

Chapter 7
Family Portrait

Sirius stormed through the bushes, pushing stray branches out of his path.

He shouldn't be this upset.

He should have expected it.

Everytime he met someone halfway decent it all went up in flames the second they found out his name. Well, other than 'Meda, but that didn't really count. She, too, had been cursed with the Black family name, so she had to understand. Besides, she was 18 years old, had graduated Hogwarts, and left home to live with her boyfriend-of-two-years, Ted Tonks. She wouldn't want him around as a reminder anymore.

He sighed deeply as he reached his family's cabin, and slowly lifted the ornate knocker and let it fall back against the heavy mahogany door two times, waiting, mutely terrified, as the sound resonated throughout the cavernous abode.

He winced slightly as Regulus opened the door. The younger boy looked positively gleeful, a sure sign Sirius's night was about to get worse.

Regulus was pushed lightly aside as their father appeared in the doorway, his face cold and impassive.

"In," he said smoothly, stepping aside so Sirius could enter.

The two sets of footsteps echoed hollowly down the hall as Regulus's snickers cut by alongside the quick clicks of the door shutting and locking.

Sirius inwardly sighed and wished, not for the first time, that if he was damned to belong to a cruel and intolerant family, that he could at least go live with one of Muggles.

Muggle families do harm enough, giving scars both emotional and physical via sharp tongues and quick hands, but a beating from a Wizarding family is endlessly worse.

They have wands.

Sirius looked dully up at his father, who gave him a glare of most potent distaste.

"What," he said slowly, "on earth gave you the idea that you could blacken your brother's eye? SPEAK QUICKLY!"

Sirius glared sullenly at his feet, having long since given up any idea of getting off clean. May as well be honest about it.

"He was insulting 'Meda," he muttered to the uncaring floor, hunching his shoulders and shooting a quick glance at his father, who stood only a few inches taller than Sirius, even though said boy was slouching over. "And besides," he reasoned, "what difference does it make anyways? You've healed him up just fine."

Sirius's father looked positively furious. "What difference does it make? What difference? The humiliation of - the - the ..." he ceased his spluttering for a moment, collecting his wits with eyes tightly shut as he took out his wand.

Finally, seemingly calm enough to form a coherent sentence, Sebastian Black looked down at his son.

"You know the drill."

Sirius nodded, face set.

He managed to bite back a cry as the first blow of a hex hit him, knocking him hard against a wall, but soon dropped any ideas of courage and was screaming freely.

Time flew by in random spurts until finally Sirius found himself laying splayed on the floor, breathing heavily through his mouth with his nose and right eye swelled practically shut and his lips coated with coughed-up blood.

His father, seemingly satisfied that a lesson had been taught, leaned over the young boy, smiling in an altogether predatory way.

"Oh, and Sirius ... Andromeda is a disgusting disgrace, you know that, don't you?"

Sirius was too weak to reply.


The water shone with the brilliance of a thousand glittering diamonds, glowing blood red in the sunset.

James Potter stood a distance away from it, watching a tall, dark-haired boy standing at the water's edge and gazing reverently up at the multicolored clouds.

Sirius knew he was there.

James knew that Sirius knew.

And yet neither of them made any move to go closer.

With a sign and a mental shrug of sorts, James walked over to stand beside Sirius.

He looked cautiously up at the other boy, noting with a quiet flare of displeasure the fading bruises on his face.

It had been three weeks since they'd met, and almost every day they'd accidentally passed each other.

It was barely two weeks until they started their first year at Hogwarts, and James and his family were going back to their house the next morning.

'Better late than never,' thought James decidedly as he opened his mouth to speak.

"Sirius ..." the other boy showed no sign of hearing him. "M'sorry, mate."

Sirius stared at a rock which the lake's water was softly lapping over, lips pursed.

"Y'know, Elias, the old man, he's my grandfather. He's ruddy mad. No one else in the family thinks like that. We all think you're great, hones'ly, mate."

He waited with baited breath for a response, and cocked an eyebrow as the taller boy took out a mirror from his pocket.

James took it when offered, looking very confused, and his brow furrowed as Sirius began to walk away.


The taller boy continued his trek back to the Black family cabin.

James contemplated running after him, but thought better of it, trying to suppress his normally pushy nature for the sake of friendship.

He peered at his reflection in the mirror for a few minutes, studying it from all angles, looking quite perplexed and rightly so.

He began to walk back to his family's cabin, still examining the mirror with an expression of extreme bewilderment.

"What ruddy good's a mirror going to do?" he muttered to himself as he walked through the door.

A few miles away, Sirius Black laid gingerly down onto his bed, careful not to put too much pressure on any bruises, and cursed his father for putting a Silencing Charm on him that afternoon.

He sighed and gazed mutely into the twin version of the mirror he'd given James, hoping the other boy would figure out the secret.

Chapter 7A
Family Portrait

June 19th
... Shit.

June put her journal back in her bookbag and silently observed the scene in front of her.

Petunia suddenly started laughing. "Way to get attention, Lily," she snickered.

Magaran and Faith exchanged glances, and, sprouting identical evil grins, began chasing Petunia around the house, cat-calling "Petty! Peeeeeeetty!"

Her parents, Merideth and David, did not seem to notice.

Sighing, Amanda put a hand on the red-faced Lily's shoulder. "You take her, I'll take him," she said quietly, gesturing at the two stunned parents. She looked at June and Rose. "You two! Go make some tea!"

The pair hurried off into the kitchen, and Lily, steering her mother ahead of her, followed them.

"Mom," she said awkwardly as her mother took a shaky seat at the table.

"I don't believe it," Merideth Evans said hoarsely. She turned her warm brown eyes on her daughter's vivid green ones. "You're joking."

Lily shook her head.

They both jumped slightly as Rose dropped a teacup. She blushed a violent shade of red, looking around for something to sweep it up with.

"Magic ain't all bad," came a charming voice. They looked at the doorway where Faith and Magaran, seemingly tired of chasing Petunia, stood.

The dreadlocked girl spoke again. "Observe," she said brightly, taking her wand out from her skirt's pocket and pointing it at the shattered tea cup on the floor. "Reparo!" she said brightly, grinning at the awed looks on Merideth and Lily's faces as it flew back together, landing with a soft "clunk" on the counter and looking good as new.

The two redheads at the table were saved the necessity of having to think up a proper response as Petunia bowled past Merideth and Faith, shrieking loudly.

"THEY'RE ALL - RUDDY - FREAKS!" she yelled as she ran out the back door and into the darkening dusk.

Looking rather concerned, Merideth led the way into the livingroom where she, Lily, Faith, and Magaran observed Amanda calmly levitating the coffee table to demonstrate magic.

Much to her chagrin, David Evans did not seem to be getting any comfort from the experience of having his coffee table float at eye level while he stood backed up against the wall on the couch's seat.

Seeing the others come in, she gently put the table down, brow furrowed. "He doesn't seem very happy," she said sulkily, crossing her arms and thinking it rather unfair that no one was complimenting her on her excellent use of Wingardium Leviosa.

Suddenly Rose and June appeared, bearing trays of tea and cookies.

On June's tray was a large bottle of brandy, which she hurriedly handed over to Lily's father, who took it gratefully, having a large swig directly from the bottle.

"Now," she said in her pleasantly unobtrusive manner. "Let's talk about this like nice, sensible people, shall we?"


Once things had calmed down, Lily's parents had read her acceptance letter and listened with rapt attention as Amanda and Magaran explained the basics of the Institute, and Petunia had been brought home, wrapped in a blanket, by some rather shocked-looking neighbours, Lily, Magaran, Rose, Faith, Amanda, and June sat around in Lily's room, chatting animatedly and keeping themselves quite amused.

"So," said Amanda slyly, looking directly at Lily as she spoke. "What d'you all think of that Jack boy?"

The others smirked, all watching Lily, who had turned a rather unflattering shade of red.

"Er, well, he's very ... ummmm ..."

The Lily Torture Hour was interrupted as the door opened.

There stood Petunia, in her nightgown with a rather sour look on her face.

"Mom said I had to apologise," she muttered, "so ... sorry."

She turned, closing the door behind her and muttering, all too audibly, "freak."

Lily blushed, but Faith merely heaved a large sigh and looked over to Magaran, who was already smiling devilishly.

"Shall we, Mags?" she said boredly.

The redhead's smile grew, and she appeared to be baring fangs more than anything else.

"Why yes," she said in a frightfully casual manner as she stood up and walked over to the door. "I think we shall."

And so, once again, Faith and Magaran chased Petunia around the house.

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