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Title: Unobtainable
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Emmett/Bella
Author: grimmy23
Rating: G, very tame
Genre:Angst/ Romance?
Short summary: Emmett can’t help but watch Bella.
Any warnings: Obsessive, un-betaed :( I haven't written fic in years so, probably bad, bad, bad.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, I'm just playing with them.

This wasn't healthy. It didn't matter that Edward wasn't there, she was still taken. She was forbidden.

It started innocently enough. He had always watched her before, as if she was constantly performing some act. Then came the moment that it all changed. The sunlight filtered through the forest canopy at just the wrong time, and the rays hit her directly as she smiled at him. That was his downfall. She blinded him with her radiance and all he could see in his world was her. Edward had heard his thoughts, had seen the hunger that followed. Later that evening when he was confronted, Emmett tried to convince his brother that it was just a fleeting thought. He was a man after all. Edward had forgiven him, said not to worry about it. He told himself that he wouldn't think of her that way again.

The opportunities were rare when he was truly alone in his own head. Without fear of eavesdropping, he could allow his thoughts to wander. He knows that its wrong to be so obsessed with his brother’s wife. However, she had grown into an addiction for him. Pleasure and pain. She sat alone in the living room as he studied her. If she was aware of him moving closer, she didn't show it. It wasn't that she was perfect; it was that she was everything. He had let this build up inside of him and battled his own conscience. His desire was winning and she was inadvertently making him miserable. He told himself that he only wanted her to himself because he couldn't have her. He told himself that he didn't want to do this, to be this animal with no control. He told himself many more lies even as he finally relented. He swept onto the couch next to Bella. She hadn't gotten a chance to do more than put her hands out before he pulled her into him and attacked her mouth with his own.

If his heart was able to beat, it would have exploded when she returned his kiss. Her hand trailed from his chest to neck and pulled him closer. Would he be forgiven for this?
Tags: fandom: twilight, fanfiction, pairing: emmett_bella
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