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Yay! Newbie!

Hi all, I'm a newbie here *prods subject* Kinda obvious eh? When I meant newbie, I MEANT newbie. As in I-only-joined-LJ-and-this-community-5 minutes-ago-heck-I-don't-even-have-a-journal-post-up-yet. *grins* Well, I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE fanfic but and I'm a DM/OC,DM/HG shipper but anthing goes too. So, be kind to the newbie and read her fic ok? *jeez I sound so desperate* :)

Title- Shadow In The Sun
Ship- DM/OC
Rating- PG-13 but might change
Summary- Ok, I suck at this but here it goes...
She was a wallflower. Unseen, unheard. One night changed it all. Now she stands between two worlds, shunned by both. A war is brewing and there will come a day when she must choose sides. That day is now.

*laughs nervously* a review? *dodges weird stares and the occasional rotten egg* If that blasted link doesn't work, I'll be on under the user edge-of-reality. BTW, feel free to add me as a friend cuz I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PEOPLE ON MY FRIEND LIST *no, its not because I don't have a life*
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