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Please Check Out My Fanfics

All of my fanfics are on, and they are all Sirius Black based fics.

Three of the fics are in-progress and one is finished.

So check them out:

Unfaithful: SB/HG HG/RW RW/LL
Summary: Hermione and Ron have been dating for three years, but lately she has been having a secret affair with a sexy older man. And Ron isn't exactly that innocent.

Her Protector: SB/OC
Summary:Voldemort is looking to marry a young girl who possess unknown powers, but Dumbledore has other plans, he sends Sirius Black to keep her from harm, but what happens when Sirius gets in way over his head, and falls in love. Rating will change.

Right Here: SB/OC
Summary:Sequel to 'You're Still Here' Sirius has been presumed dead, and his family has been moving on slowly, but what happens when it's discovered that he is alive. Will he be able to gain his life and family back?

You're Still Here: SB/OC
Summary:Sirius' wife reflects upon her time spent with him, and she realizes that even though he is gone, he is still here. Oneshot. SBOC. Song by Faith Hill entitled the same please don't let this stop you from reading it.
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